Gorgeous cover for Romance Diaries: Stella

Romance Diaries StellaHere’s the fabulous cover For Romance Diaries: Stella, coming out on August 1, and something about  the book from the press release about it:

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a fresh take on Pride and Prejudice must be in want of:
1 x teen media queen with a multi-million-dollar empire
1 x tall, dark and handsome intern
A healthy dose of misjudgment and misunderstandings

Sixteen-year-old Stella isn’t exactly your ordinary teenager. Since inheriting a media empire from her mum, her days have been filled with fashion shoots, lunches with celebrities and editorial meetings. When the indie-cool Alex Dudek starts as an intern, he decides Stella is nothing but a spoilt, rich airhead. But when circumstances throw the pair together, they can’t help but get to know each other.

Could Alex have misjudged Stella? Will Stella let go of her pride and admit she was wrong about Alex? A sweet tale of love and teen magazines – perfect for readers 10-14.



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