Advance reviews already!

Even before The Romance Diaries: Ruby hits the shops, there’s already some great reviews out there. Australian Bookseller and Publisher called it a ‘fun, fast-paced and modern read for lovers of the Clueless style of Jane Austen updates,’  and a Goodreads review said that:

‘Ruby, the narrator, was seriously awesome. The book is her diary, and it really sounds like the rambly, sometimes over-enthusiastic diary of a teenager. Zounds! The writing is easy and fast to read, full of (Aussie!) slang, there are lots of Capitals to Emphasise Important Things, and lots of hyperactive run-on sentences which suddenly end in ALL CAPS BECAUSE OM TO THE G.Ruby is a little match-maker, who likes sticking her nose into everyone else’s business, and who thinks some things through *really* thoroughly, while other things she doesn’t think through at all. She’s a lovely character, just so full of energy and sunshine! And she’s a huge reader too, yay!

Definitely worth a read if you want something light and fluffy that will make you giggle out loud a ton :)’

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